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  • Ubicación: Atlanta,ga
  • Diseñador: WSDB+W
  • Ventaja: C3 design system- The color you want, in the material your application requires.
  • C3:
  • Círculo completo:
  • Arco: No

To inject color into a clean and sophisticated corporate environment.

Designers at WSDB+W sought to create a sophisticated neutral environment with bold and invigorating color fields. Among the many C3 color and material options, the team chose Sapphire + Connection encapsulated in Varia Ecoresin. Varia Ecoresin offers 40% recycled content with the custom design options of the patented encapsulation process. Designers were able to choose color, gauge and finish along with Connection pure silk interlayers.

As a Full Circle Interlayer, Connection for Varia Ecoresin also adds the responsibility of fair trade sourcing to any project.
Learn more about the Full Circle Program

While employees enjoy a variety of lively and inspiring colors throughout their work environment, the bold Connection design provides a consistent theme throughout the large corporate space.

Materiales utilizados: