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Cit Aerospace Lobby

  • Ubicación: Pasadena, Ca
  • Diseñador: John Friedman Alice Kimm AIA
  • Ventaja: one stop shop- architecture and fabrication services
  • Fotógrafo: Fotoworks
  • C3: No
  • Círculo completo: No
  • Arco: No

To design a fresh lobby giving the department a new energetic and inspirational identity.

Because the building is the house for the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories, designers chose to reinforce this intriguing form of scientific study through interpretive design elements. Alice Kimm and team designed a fluid suspended ceiling to provide added movement, identity, illumination and a pattern of flow- representative of the broad range of research performed by the aerospace department. Because of the complicated formation of the wave-like structure, 3form Architecture developed custom hardware to enable a precise installation. 3form Architecture worked close with the designers and the 3form Fabrication department to ensure the iconic flow was accomplished by coordinating the custom print, the heat-formed dimples and the backlighting for an impressive end result.

The refurbished lobby is now an open and flowing gathering space- a place inspiring productive and creative study.