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Cellophane House - Moma

  • Ubicación: New York, Ny
  • Diseñador: KieranTimberlake
  • Ventaja: Translucency with Recycled Content
  • C3: No
  • Círculo completo: No
  • Arco: No

As a modern material experiment- reminiscent of the Aluminaire House of the 1930’s, Kieran Timberlake sought to construct an ideal translucent ‘plastic house’. Timberlake aimed to reinvent the concept of a pre-fabricated dwelling as an open, multi-purposed and large scale solution for the sustainable future of the built environment.

James Timberlake envisioned translucent floors to maximize light transmission throughout the entire structure. The designer chose 3form Stageâ„¢ to achieve this effect throughout the entire three-story structure. Additionally he specified, 3form reclaimed and refurbished Varia Pure White panels for use as interior walls and sliding doors. Varia, made with ecoresin, added recycled content for the overall sustainability of the design.

The structure, built mostly off-site with pre-fabricated, turn-key products, stands as a transparent example of cutting edge architecture in a modern prefabricated design. Just as The Aluminaire House, on display at the MoMa in 1932, was able to bring the modern material of that era into the mainstream of construction and design thought, the Cellophane House experiment highlights the need for translucency for an open and modern dwelling.

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